Tsang Keung Chan

astronomy, galaxy simulation, dark matter, cosmic ray


I am a post-doctoral research associate at the Institute of Computation Cosmology, Durham University, working with Tom Theuns, Richard Bower, and Carlos Frenk on galaxy simulations. We have recently submitted a numerical method paper on radiative transfer (https://arxiv.org/abs/2102.08404), which will have many potential applications in galaxy simulations.

I was a physics graduate student at University of California, San Diego, working with Dusan Keres. We are parts of the Feedback In Realistic Environment (FIRE) collaboration, which focuses on high resolution cosmological simulations with comprehensive stellar  feedback. Currently we are working on the effect of stellar feedback on stellar and dark matter distributions, and also cosmic ray feedback on galaxy properties. I specialise in numerical methods, parallel computing (C, fortran, and MPI) and data analysis (python). My CV can be found here: working_CV_tkchan_Feb20. Here is my list of publications on ADS and Google scholar.


At the American Astronomical Society meeting in San Diego.